This tutorial we are going to transform an unedited photo to a vintage 60’s inspired look.

Things you need: Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5

A high resolution photo

A paper texture which you can google, they’re everywhere.

Comprehension, of course. =)

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1. Open up Adobe Photoshop and open your original photo.

2. I used a photo of my nephew Adolf Vincent smiling. 

Now go to Image/Adjustment/Color Balance and Input this:


when done you will have this effect:

This will give your photo the look we want.

3. After that create two new layers. ctrl+shift+n / command+shift+n (for mac users)

#dee460     #111842

Use this colors in each layer, the first layer will be yellow the second layer will be blue.

 At the left you can see the order of both layers. Now change the yellow layer from normal to Multiply and move the opacity to 75%. Now the Blue layer set it to Lighten and give it a 30-50% opacity depending on your photo, here I used 40%.

4. After applying this changes, the picture will look like a ’60s photo, but we still need to do more stuff to make it look cooler.

Now, we go to Filter / Render / Lighting Effects and there choose the lighting effect you think is the best for your photo, and you will have something like this:

5. Now open your selected paper texture. I am using this coffee stained look

Position your paper texture to the topmost layer above the yellow and blue layers. Set Layer Style of the paper texture to Lighten and lower down the Opacity to 20-30%. I used 23%. After applying this texture you will have something like this:

6. This time we are going to add a little red tint on your photo.

Apply a bright orange gradient

Set all the left and right side to bright orange. On the let orange side set the opacity to 100% and the right side to 0% opacity.

Make a new layer and put it to the top of all layers and set it to Vivid Light and 100% opacity. Now set the gradient mode to vivid light and opacity to 40% and make a radial gradient from bottom left towards the center of your photo.

After that you’ll have something like this:

This will make the photo look like it’s been photographed on the ’60s.

7. Now we need some borders. I am going to use a border used by the famous Instagram iPhone app. I set the border to the topmost layer.

And this is the final product: