Butterfly Effect

One class day in our Illustration 2 Subject we were asked to illustrate an artwork of whatever our imagination says and it should be rendered with pen and ink. Somebody used poster color and acrylic for this but I rendered it technical pens and marking pens.

My main concept is a living thing that illustrate its soft and organic side and another is its edgy and aggressive side. I picked a butterfly as my subject because it is not common and some would only think it as a feminine insect and I would like to illustrate something to make it not a cliche.  

shown above is the right side part which I did first because it’d be easier to do a straight than a curve line. Unfortunate I paused on and started the left side part since I was excited to do so.

On this left side part I took my time and focus to express all I imagined of a soft and organic look. You can see leaves, swirls and cockroach’s egg-like circles (Yeas!, gross lol that’s all I can imagine). This really took me hours to finish.

And some flea wings on it. As you see you’ll think I’ve taken a lot of concentration much on the left than on the right side, this is because I almost finished the left side but the right side hasn’t finished yet so I rushed and rendered the right side on the deadline spot. TSK.

And what did I get from this? pure failure. =’( The instructor argued that the whole canvass should be filled so I put some rushed borders to make it look finished but he still failed me. 

He could have credited my effort on it. He’s the most badass teacher in CAFA.

But that’s ok I still love what I made. I received good reviews about this from friends and also did they said the same flaw - it looks unfinished. That’s Fine. I end up the whole semester with something cool for me at least. =)