The Rite 2011

Rating: 8/10

Not as The Exorcism-esque movie that I was expecting it would be, it’s more of about faith and believing that the demon exists. My favorite part is when Michael Kovak blesses the woman who have been crashed by a car accidentally. I almost cried, especially when the woman’s stuff (paintbrushes, canvases and palette) were flashed and it seems like she could’ve been a better person. 

Cinematography & Audiovisual: 9/10

Superb, I must say. Surprisingly, it’s like a Hollywood blockbuster movie that can be compared of.  

Horror Factor: 7/10

Well I don’t easily get scared with horror movies but the scene where Father Mathew was possessed by the demon did shook my senses.

Overall, it’s a decent horror movie to watch with your family who’s easily get scared with shocking scenes.